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Google Places Optimization

Google Places or Google Local search differ from the normal searches in that people specify a location to what they are looking for. For long these searches were dominated by big players like large directory sites with hundred of pages and other SEO stalwarts who are not based locally. With Google Places, the picture has changed dramatically and so those companies with no local presence are finding it tough to be present on local searches. This means that it is easier to feature your local business, your products and your services on Google for the local searches.

Why target on Google Places?
People used to depend on local directories like yellow pages and magazines for local business information. But not anymore. The information delivery in the digital age has changed things drastically that search engines have taken over. And these searches are being done more and more on smart phones and other mobile devices for which local business listings or Google Places gets priority. That's why you need to have a strong presence in local searches.

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