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We have a multi-pronged marketing plan and it is essential that we tie them all up so as to make them cohesive and complimentary. It's also important that we keep reviewing the ROI for the multiple campaigns that we run on the basis Read More Vala Setareh
Executive Director MENA
We were located at a remote place and really wanted some exposure on the online channels to make up for that. And in a matter a few weeks, we were able to create a very good footprint of our nursery across the influential channels on the internet and we're now Read More Sara Al Ghurair
Tender Moments Nursery
Brandevous helped streamline our newsletter broadcasting process. Thanks to them, we have moved away from spreadsheets and attachments and now our newsletters are professionally design and HTML based sent from a publishing software Read More Auswaf Ahsan
Managing Editor
Other Books
I have worked closely with the Brandevous team, and I found them to be very professional and well organized with superb quality in delivery. They delivered all the project components on time and to our complete satisfaction. They possess sharp Read More Nuridin Islam
Founder & Owner
Ashary LLC

Brandevous Inc Dubai Internet Marketing Consultants

The age of the Internet and digital media has changed the way people learn about shop for products and services. As a natural corollary, the marketing arena has also undergone a drastic transformation and the rules of the game have changed for good. The days where business fully depended on marketing mediums like print media, trade shows and other traditional methods to reach their target audience have passed.

With today's smart consumers, their buying process start on the internet - on the search engines, social media networks, blogs etc. and so businesses need to be present on all those mediums so that their prospective consumers can find them when they're looking for products and services. And contrary to common perception, the online media is not a platform limited to the young; the paying customers have gone online en masse.

Also, it is not right that you need a web presence only if you have an e-commerce store or if you sell your products and services online. Research studies and statistics have shown that the online presence of a business has a definite impact on its business offline. And so you need to have an online presence even if yours is a brick and mortar business across the road.

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